Artist Statement

Artist Statement

I tend to romanticize the little things in life. The world is a big technicolor dream boat and I am lucky enough to experience it every day. My goal is to combine the happiness of my childhood with the melancholy of my everyday life.

I cannot help myself when it comes to color. My greatest passion is creating deeply saturated watercolor paintings, regardless of the subject matter. I will find a way to put every color into my palette. Art enables me to share what my eye and soul sees: how I make sense of this life. Watercolor is where I can be messy and chaotic, where as with printmaking or graphic design, my controlling side emerges. The dreamy haze of my photography reflects  my struggles with derealization and dissociation in my day to day life.

I adore the chaos of the world and how we humans try to place it all into neat little boxes, all in a straight line. Nature just laughs at us. My hope is that as you look at my art, regardless of the medium, it will bring you back to a place you had forgotten.

artist bio

Victoria Harmon is an artist of Central Illinois. She graduated from Western Illinois University with a Bachelor of Studio Art and a Music Minor. During her undergrad she received scholarships for Study Abroad opportunities. She has been to New York City, Rome, and Venice. Her primary focus in Studio Art was Painting and Drawing.

She teaches High School and Junior High Art at Stark County High School. She also manages her own Freelance business of Graphic Design, Photography, and Painting.

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