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In December of 2019, I graduated from Western Illinois University with a Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art, along with a music minor. In my undergrad I studied Painting, Drawing, Graphic Design, Sculpture, and Serigraphy. I was captivated by the art of design and could see the way it reached out into society and impacted the lives of the general public. I was presented with a multitude of opportunities to travel and study art in Manhattan New York, Rome Italy, and Venice Italy. I carry these experiences with me not just in my professional life, but in my personal one.


In the Fall of 2020 I started my career as a 6th-12th Grade Art Teacher. At that same time, my health began to severely decline. The top photo was taken Mid-August of 2020 and the bottom photo was taken March 7th, just six months later, when my strange mystery illness finally had me at my wits end.

I was experiencing extreme fatigue, daily body aches, nausea, headaches, skin rashes, dizziness, racing heartbeat, IBS, mood swings, anxiety, panic attacks, and painful periods with extreme PMS. I felt that I was legitimately losing my mind, even though I was seeking counseling all during this time.

I had been to countless doctors and had a multitude of tests done only to be prescribed birth control, pain killers, and anti-depressants, still with no answers.

I was suffering with chronic pain daily, with no end in sight.


I decided to leave the education field behind me and work on healing my body and spirit. In July of 2021 I enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition's Holistic Health Coach Certification Course. At the time, it was a scary choice, to leap into a field I had no knowledge of, but at the same time, it was my last hope.

Through implementing the things I learned from IIN and taking my health into my own hands, I slowly began to tune into my body and build a healthy relationship with food. When we got to the allergy portion of the course, there were several discussions of elimination diets and allergies. The lecture on gluten-intolerance resonated with me so deeply that I decided to restrict gluten from my diet. Within weeks, I was symptom free, my periods went back to normal and I started to gain my life back.

There was so much anger and pain to sort through. Something so small, so simple, had nearly destroyed my will to live. From that point on, I kept digging deeper and deeper into what a holistic life can bring and transformed my life to where it is now. 

VHARMON LOGOS (8).png as a Certified Holistic Health Coach is to help others find freedom from illness and live a healthy, happy life.


There is so much more to health than just nutrition and exercise. Healing trauma, finding spirituality, managing your finances, healing your relationship with food, and managing stress all tie in to living healthily.


In my practice, I eat a gluten-free mostly plant-based diet. I implement a lifestyle of slow-living, focusing on mobility and movement instead of high-intensity exercise. I also stray away from technology as much as possible to keep a proper balance with other enjoyable hobbies such as gardening, reading, knitting, and photography. 


If you're ready to take your health into your own hands and implement a life of creative wellness then there's no time like the present!

The only way to enact change is through action.


By working with me, we will look deeper into how your choices, behaviors, relationships and lifestyle effect your health and your life and build a unique plan together that will best suit your personal goals.

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